Our services

The HYGEO® integrated method, for which TEMA is exclusive licensee, is the system for the design, planning, management and provision of services in civil, industrial and hotel environments.
The services we offer:


  • office cleaning
  • cleaning of glass using advanced inverse osmosis systems, free from chemicals
  • sanitation and disinfection office environments
  • environmental sanitization with ULV (Ultra Light Volume) nebulizer
  • industrial cleaning of large surfaces using specific machinery/h6>
  • cleaning of white/sterile chambers in all ISO classes
  • technical cleaning of plant structures
  • sanitisation of cooling cells
  • maid service in hotel structures
  • reception and concierge services
  • maintenance of outdoor areas, mowing of lawns
  • packaging and end-of-line logistics


The fields we operate in:


  • Public and private organisations (offices, laboratories, commercial businesses)
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Food industry
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals industry
  • Health centres, care homes, rest homes
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Professional studios