Our mission

The general commitments that the management of TEMA & HYGEO intends to guarantee over time are:


  • respect of all legal requirements applicable to the company activities
  • respect of all voluntary requirements that the company has freely adopted as guidelines
  • constant investment to improve social and environmental sustainability of the work carried out
  • development of the relationship of trust with all stakeholders
  • The assessment of the stakeholders’ needs and expectations
  • The study of the aspects and effects deriving from the analysis of the service life cycle
  • The development of an effective communication strategy with all its stakeholders
  • constant improvement of the efficiency of the integrated system
Starting from this basis, management draws up a detailed plan of aims which are reviewed on a regular basis, with the aim of checking the progress of company performance in relation to:


Maintenence of costumer satisfaction, thanks to:
·        High reliability and consolidation of relations with existing customers
·        Low turnover of staff, thanks to careful selection of staff
·        Felxibility and attention to implicit and expressed customer requirements
·        Willingness to satisfy all costumer requirements
Respect for the environment, thanks to:
·        Attention to the environmental impacts generated during the pursuit of services and prevention of pollution
·        Commitment to training and education of all members of staff on environmental matters
·        The use of sustainable resources
Health and
Guaranteeing adequate control over employee health and safety, thanks to:
·        Attention to staff health and safety in terms of prevention and control
·        A commitment to prevent accidents and work-related sickness
·        A commitment to removing hazards and reducing risks
·        A commitment to inform, educate and train all members of staff
·        A commitment to the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives
Social Responsability
Compliance with all requirements of standard SA 8000, international laws and agreements, Italian and European legislation and labour rights to promote the defence of trade union freedom and human rights in the broadest sense of term, acting to protect all parties implicated in company activities.

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